Youri D.
Innovation Consultant

About Youri

Key Experiences

Kitesurf instructor working for Accenture as an innovation consultant
- Working 30h/w for the Energy Academy Europe next to a Masters Degree.
- Starting as an Innovation Intern within MC practice at Accenture.
- Investment in own career by doing 40 hours at Shell + 30 hours a week on Robotics, Innovation and Artificial Intelligence topics for Accenture.
- Let Accenture decide: either make me an Innovation Consultant or I will look for another job.

Current Position

Innovation Consultant focusing on New Businesses and Products
- Transforming output of Accenture Technology Labs (R&D) via Accenture Emerging Technologies (D) and the Liquid Studios to business added value offerings.
- Innovation management is focused on doing things completely different, therefore not purely focused on process optimisation and cost reduction but mainly on gaining new value streams.
- Focusing on interdisciplinary offerings, meaning, combining technology innovation with non-technical Innovation in the fields of Talent & Organisation (al change).

Main Motivations

Freedom to work wherever I want, whenever I want
- As once said in an interview "On a windy day, don’t be surprised if Youri closes his laptop early, leaves the building to grab his kitesurfing gear and drives straight to IJmuiderslag. Don’t worry about whether the Innovation Consultant will finish his work in time, because he always does - before or after his kite session. "
- The freedom to express my opinion and be taken seriously even by SMDs as long as you deliver.

Top Advice

Since tomorrow is promised to nobody -Work to live, don't live to work
- Work is just work and especially as a consultant your work, at least for today, is negligible and you are replaceable - nobody is going to die. So as long you are doing your job, ensure you are doing things you like and are passionate about, it will bring you further as a person.
- Always, stay trustworthy and creditable - underestimate and overdeliver.

Greatest Achievement

All interns (6+) I supervised, all graduated with an 8 or higher
- Enabling others to maximize their potential and have personal as well as professional growth is the most satisfying feeling.
- Besides that - getting an official, own entity within Accenture, called Innovation Excellence after a hard year of investment with the Innovation Go to Market, is professionally one of the most satisfying feelings.

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