Rogier T.

About Rogier

Key Experiences

Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and now a Strategy Consultant
I studied Mechanical Engineering at the TU Delft and specialized in Transportation and Logistics during my Masters. During that period, it became clear to me that there is more than engineering a specific product. Why do you launch a product? In which countries or channels do you want to launch them and how do they fit into the strategy of a company?
Because of these broader interests, I decided to start my career as a Strategy Consultant at Accenture Strategy. Since then, I was offered so many opportunities and chances to learn as much as possible in the area I want to develop myself into.

Current Position

Translate data into insights that have an impact on the client
As a strategy consultant, you often get access to an abundance of data. Your role is to see the broader picture of the project or company strategy and to translate the data into impactfull insights for the client. Find the most relevant data points, place them into a benchmark or broader context and come up with recommended next steps that are well-funded with data.

Main Motivations

The enormous freedom and trust to develop a project and yourself.
Never a dull moment in my current role.. If you prove yourself a few times, you got an enormous freedom and trust from your seniors. This means that you can create your own path and do that things that really motivates you. This not only applies for project related work, but also beyond this. If you want to organize an interesting training: go ahead. If you want to organize drinks or a lunch lecture: go ahead.
As long as you have a plan in which you belief, you're almost to go!

Top Advice

Don't overthink the choice of first job, you can always switch
Many people that I meet are hesitant to choose for the first employer. But don't overthink this!! If you don't like the job after you tried it thoroughly, there thousands of other jobs out there! With the first steps into consulting, you can go anywhere afterwards.
So just go for it and don't hesitate too much!

Greatest Achievement

I passed an internal training with INSEAD with distinction!
Training is one of the most important elements of work at Accenture. Little people have studied to be a Strategy Consultant so learning on the job and dedicated learning journeys are key to becoming a succesful consultant. I was offered the opportunity to participate in the online course that INSEAD developed together and specially for Accenture Strategy on Business Strategy. I received distinction for my work there and I am proud of that.

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