Redmar P.
Management Consultant

About Redmar

Key Experiences

My career = challenge myself, learn every day, and grow in all aspects
I was comfortable in Communication science but during my master, I decided to follow a pre-master in Business administration in parallel. I challenged myself to learn new things. Then I moved into a consultancy position at Accenture, within the change management group. After making a promotion and becoming comfortable with managing transformations, I challenged myself again to look further. I moved to a new group within Accenture that had my interest. Now I learn everyday about helping clients to grow by understanding their customer (data). I grew not only professionally but also see the positive aspects back in my personal life and sports.

Current Position

I advise clients on their digital growth by leveraging consumer data
Within Accenture's Customer & Channel group, we advise the commerce departments of large organizations on how to better understand their customer and meet their needs. We do this by helping them collect customer data, analyze it, and make decisions on it.

Main Motivations

Colleagues are all smart and fun, projects add real value
Almost all colleagues I have are very smart, helpful, positive, and fun to hang around with.

Top Advice

Find out what it is that makes your work feel like a hobby, do that!
It's hard to understand what drives you but try to search for indications:
- could you ever not sleep because you were so enthusiastic about something (work/school/project related)?
- did you ever work on a project and completely forgot the time?
- when you select a book to read or a documentary to watch, is there a common theme that can be related to work?
- did you ever got in an argument about something where you reacted very intense?

What was the "something", "project", "theme"?

Answering this might help you find what you like, next step is to look for a job that enables you to work on that.

If you do, you will excel and outperform everyone.

Greatest Achievement

I always delivered my projects successfully and with positive feedback
In all projects I did, I delivered the project, realized value to the client and got good reviews both from the client and my internal colleagues.
Next to this, I'm proud that I always were able to find things to work on that made me very enthusiastic and even when I was without such a thing for three months, I reset myself and found my energy and drive again.

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