Nick V.
Management Consulting Analyst

About Nick

Key Experiences

From the south of Limburg to the business district of Amsterdam.
- Started working for Accenture. After visiting and talking to numerous consulting firms, I decided to apply for Accenture. The people and the type of work gave the best fit with me personally. I started as Management Consulting Analyst in the Comms, Media and High Tech sector.
- Extracuricular activities. These gave me the unique opportunity to grow on other skills which are not taught at the university and are still necessary when having a challenging job in larger project teams.

Current Position

I'm part of transformation programs in Supply Chain in High Tech.
I started within Accenture as a Management Consulting Analyst in the Comms, Media and HighTech industry. Currently, I'm specializing in the Supply Chain domain to give more specialized advice to our clients. Since I started at Accenture in 2015 I only have been on Supply Chain related project, whilst being responsible for implementation of forecasting and stocking models, automation of supply chain activities, process optimizations and more value driven initiatives.

Main Motivations

Challenging activities changing day to day
I really enjoy being challenged every day. This results in never a day being the same. Also I worked with highly skilled people (from the client and from Accenture) who inspire me daily. Thirdly, it is really cool to be in a large transformation program and drive some valuable deliverables. Finally, as every day the project is in another phase then yesterday no day is the same. I really enjoy the high goals, the people I work with and the results!

Top Advice

Start where you feel best
It is very difficult to assess what kind of work you like best or which company suits you best. You can get a insight when joining a colleague for some time. Still, it is no easy choice. In the end it comes all to the feeling of in what company in what role and with what people you feel most comfortable. You can shape your work to some extend (at least at Accenture), but the people and the company you have to live with.

Greatest Achievement

Started at the business case and finished a worldwide implementation
One of the deliverables I have had on a project I identified myself. I calculated that there was a potential value of 1 million euros to be saved yearly if a process was done differently. I took the deliverable and adjusted the process in three months. It all finished when I saw the new process working and sometimes I still talk to the persons responsible for the deliverable and it is still generating value!

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