Mieke V.
Strategy Consultant

About Mieke

Key Experiences

From Corporate Finance theory to finance for corporates
I have always been interested in finance, since I view it as a reflection and result of all business activities. Generating insights for companies based on (financial) data was something I would like to pursue in my career.
During writing my thesis at Schiphol Group, I started a side project in which I generated some key insights on costs for the different terminals at Schiphol. After my thesis, I got the opportunity to stay there to continue the project.
After being there for a couple of months, working via a very small (technical) consulting company, I decided I should start working for a company where I could grow a lot in the areas I was interested in; using financial data to generate insights for organizations and help them to act upon this information. This company turned out to be Accenture and I have been working on many different projects during the last 4.5 years I have been there.

Current Position

I assess development & innovation potential for top companies
As a strategy consultant, I estimate the potential of innovation and optimization of organizations. I use my background in Finance to combine operational, market and financial data to find and prioritize investments and indicate the most interesting directions for further development.

Main Motivations

I work in a versatile environment with highly motivated people
Since the work I do is project-based, I get to experience a large number of different companies and industries. I work with highly motivated, talented people. Since every project is different, I develop myself broadly both on content as well as on soft skills.

Top Advice

Choose a company and role that match your personality and interests
In my experience, people who are most successful, are the ones that are a good fit with the company culture and the type of role they have. Educational and/or professional background is not as important for your future success as is the match between your personality and interests and your job.

Greatest Achievement

Leading the client towards a vision for their future business
A client asked our help to assess the value potential of business model innovation, which is quite a broad question. In 8 weeks, we helped them to funnel the most reasonable options, and helped them to translate these into meaningful insights and prioritize future investments.

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