Marcus V.
Junior Consultant

About Marcus

Key Experiences

Applying insights from the social sciences when transforming banks
During my study management & organizational sciences, I've specialized in change management and change communication. When conducting my thesis research on organizational change, I got the opportunity to see the 'Accenture way of working' from nearby. After the completion of my thesis, I was involved in the project as change analyst, applying my insights right away! This resulted in joining the Accenture Consulting Financial Services practice in the Netherlands, where, over time, I've specialized in Banking. Next to my studies, I've completed two board years (one part-time and one fulltime) and had my own business providing training- and advisory services to student associations.

Current Position

Advising banks on how to cope with increasing regulatory pressure
Waves of regulations are keeping financial services institutions on their toes. Costs for compliance are high, and financial institutions should frequently restructure to keep in compliance and future-proof the enterprise. Most institutions struggle to balance compliance and operating concerns with their need to craft a strong reputation as a desirable employer and good corporate citizen. I currently help a large Dutch bank in the implementation of the Markets In Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID) II. Starting from high-level, unfinished legal text, we try to estimate the impact on the various business lines over the axes of people/product/process/systems etc. and set up the organization to help them through that transformation. Start to end. From solution design to program execution.

Main Motivations

Steady delivery of results in highly complex environments
The work we do at our clients isn't easy. Most of the time, we work at projects where there is no single truth and information is fuzzy. Bringing structure in this chaos, setting clear objectives and working in a structured way in a solution can be quite a challenge but is also a lot of fun.

Top Advice

Take time to figure out what truly inspires you
Once you figure out what makes your clock tick, it will become much easier to set goals and work towards them. Completing objectives is something you can learn from others, but what is the added value if those are not your own goals but others?

Greatest Achievement

I became an expert on a topic I knew absolutely nothing about
After joining Accenture, you suddenly have the opportunity to learn from the very best in the world on their specialty. Not only do you gain access to an enormous knowledge base, the firm also heavily invests in training to provide you with the skills and knowledge to do your job. The result of this? Your knowledge increases at an pace you wouldn't have imagined a few years ago.

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