Maikel B.
Business & Technology Consultant

About Maikel

Key Experiences

Opportunities don't happen, you create them.
My entire life I have always had a major interest in technology, puzzling around in IT software and buying the latest gadgets.

So, after I finished my high school I decided to develop myself further in this area and combine it with some business knowledge and applied for the bachelor in Business & IT. However, although it seemed to be the perfect combination for me it felt that this was too much of IT for me, and decided to move to a bachelor in Business Administration.

After some years my interest in technology didn't disappear, and noticed that during my job orientation I was mostly interested in the vacancies that combined both Business & IT. All these vacancies mentioned that 'affinity with IT' was a prerequisite, which is hard to show with only a master in Business Administration. Did I miss the opportunity and made a wrong decision to stop with Business & IT?

You read, you think, and you define your actions to create the opportunity and to not ‘miss the boat’ again. Starting with an internship at an IT department I developed myself in the technology area, and got myself back in the game and could showcase my affinity with IT on my CV.

This drive to not give up, spot opportunities, and defining actions to grab them makes me successful as a consultant. This was just an example of myself, but as a consultant I am always looking for opportunities to help the client, which gives me a lot of energy.

Current Position

I advise clients on how to improve their finance processes and systems
As part of the Technology group of Accenture I am working in the Finance Transformation Domain. My main task is to advise clients on how to improve their way of working from a business perspective (processes), and how to align these with the latest future proof technologies (system integration).

Main Motivations

Transforming a business to become more digital is very challenging
Many organizations have SAP as their core financial system, and my main task is to make sure all the optimized business processes are in sync with the processes implemented in the system. Quite interesting job, since every is changing and becoming more digital than ever before, but are the organizational processes also ready to become more digital? Not really, they need to transform their organizational structure as well to be able to move to the so-called 'Digital Finance'.

To realize value for the business through a Digital (Finance) Transformation it’s mandatory to align the new technology stack with new operating models, in interesting challenge to advise clients on how to achieve this.

Top Advice

Don't be afraid to ask questions!
One of the key things I have learned during my career, is that asking questions is the best (and sometimes the only) way to get the information you are looking for, in both your personal life and as a consultant.

To give you an example, when I was a student and was looking at vacancies at several, I noticed that most of them were written quite vaguely and didn’t give enough information to make the right decision. To get to know more about the organization itself, my future position/role, and their culture, you need to start asking questions. Makes sense, but very important as a consultant. You need to ask questions to make sure you understand the client, otherwise you can’t bring a proper advice.

This is just only one personal and professional example, just to showcase the power of asking questions is applicable to every situation. So, don't be afraid to ask questions! It will help you to get the information you would like to have, and it enables you to make the right decisions.

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