Igor L.
Associate Manager

About Igor

Key Experiences

From traveling to India as trainee to managing a large automation team
The start of my Accenture journey was within the International IT Traineeship. I did a master's in Business Administration: Strategy & Organization; but I had a particular interest in IT. With the International IT Traineeship at Accenture, my consulting career kick-started with a great international adventure. During the traineeship I was part of a project team in Hyderabad, India, for six months! Upon my return, this valuable experience helped me grow an exciting career in IT. Working on project from rolling out Continuous Improvement programs to leading a global team in designing and implementing Robotics.

Current Position

I drive robotics in IT projects to improve our service
As part of Accenture Technology, I'm leading a global project team responsible for designing, developing and implementing Robotic Process Automation in a large IT Outsourcing project. A very exciting, international role, working on the edge between the client and our delivery teams.

Main Motivations

Bridging the gap between client and Accenture delivery teams globally
Working with clients in different geographies and different areas of the business, and our Accenture delivery teams is different locations is very exciting. Working hard with all different teams to meet and exceed the wishes of our clients gives me a lot of energy! And then, if it all works out the way you planned, that is extremely satisfying.

Top Advice

Do what makes you happy, every day.
On day one of my working live, one of the directors told me not to worry too much about what I would be doing the first period of my career, but to explore the working life, and learn from it. That was possibly the best advice possible at that moment. Take one step at the time, take work and projects that come to you, and learn what makes you smile in work. When you know what kind of work, projects, clients and teams etc. make you really happy, make sure that's what you do for as long as it keeps making you happy! But do not expect this is something you know from day 1, it's a learning journey!

Greatest Achievement

When clients and colleagues tell each other about work you do
At a project I was responsible for developing and implementing a new improvement initiative. After implementing this new program in our client project team, the client was very impressed. So much even that word went around about the new initiative, and I was invited to present about it at a leadership meeting at the client (with client leaders from other business units). Knowing that the client was so happy and impressed by the work I did made me very proud.

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