Dirk V.
Enterprise IT Transformation Manager

About Dirk

Key Experiences

From programming to running large transformation projects
There are three influential moments in my career from which I learned the most thusfar, the first step was to take on a project in Mexico for six months.
Working in a different culture and setting pushed me out of my comfort zone which is a great place to be in to learn in my opinion. On my return I made internal transfer from programming towards Delivery Management, since programming was not the part I got my energy from.
Although once my career counselor said it is a good starting point to have in your career, because it helps you get into a certain mindset and that has turned out to be correct. The next step was joining the Dutch Works Council, a professional team in which I learned a lot in regards to the companies perspective, but also what a great team can accomplish. All aspects helped me in my daily work transforming clients to the new ways of working that are around today.

Current Position

Delivering value specialized in Operational Excellence, Agile & DevOps
I help clients transform to an Agile or DevOps way of working while keeping operation running in excellent shape. ITIL, Scrum, SAFe, LeSS, Prince 2 etc. are all topics I cover.
It is important to help a client to their way of working.

Main Motivations

Working with the latest methodologies and technologies
Design Thinking, Serious Gaming, AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, Blockchain just to name a few.

Top Advice

Have fun, lead by doing and practice what you preach!

Greatest Achievement

Accenture FY17 Techstar award
Being named an Accenture Technology Techstar for FY17 (the first year this was introduced). meaning i am with the top 1% worldwide within our Technology group which houses over 200.000 colleagues.

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