Dino R.

About Dino

Key Experiences

From Supply Chain starter to an Anaplan model builder
I gratuated from Delft University of Technology with a degree in Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics, so I was more specialized in the field Logistics & Supply Chain Management, in which I also did some internships. Then I started in February 2017 at Accenture the Netherlands, and I got the opportunity to learn how to build models in Anaplan, which is a cloud based solution mainly used for planning purposes.

Current Position

I am building a tool to ensure reliable data for global procurement
For a global beer brewing company we are implementing Anaplan as a cloudbased tool for the global procurement department. It is my role to build the tool in Anaplan in such a way, that the end user will have the right checks and balances, when filling in their requirements in the tool. In order to make sure we are meeting the client's desires, I am involved in the requirements gathering meetings with the client and the end users.

Main Motivations

Working at a great client and learning a new booming tool!
The current client is a global beer brewing company which is an awesome client to work for, as there are also many engagement activities organized. Besides the client that I work for, also the activities are really exciting. Before working for Accenture I had never heard of Anaplan, while this is becoming more and more popular amongst global companies. The fact that Accenture provided me the opportunity to learn these new skills, by means of online training and working on the job, is really cool in my opinion!

Top Advice

Talk to many people that are working for a company and dare to ask!
One of the main reasons why I am working for Accenture, is because I have spoken with many people that were already working at Accenture. In these conversations the young, enthusiastic employees could answer all my questions and concerns I had about working for a big Corporate company, about consulting in general and all other kinds of questions. So this really helped me in my choice for Accenture! So I would advice to everyone to reach out to me or my colleagues via LinkedIn or other channels and dare to ask your questions!

Greatest Achievement

I am one of the first people in the Netherlands learning Anaplan
Since the Anaplan tool is really a new tool that will be used more and more, I think it is really cool that Accenture offered my the opportunity to be first in line in Accenture the Netherlands to learn how to build in Anaplan. This is one of the examples that Accenture always strives to be innovative and on top of the New developments in a fast changing and dynamic world!

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