Arsenio K.
Strategy Analyst

About Arsenio

Key Experiences

I studied consulting and ended up in a consulting position
Already during my bachelor in Business Administration at the VU University, the consulting industry gained my attention. This was mainly driven by cases we were working on during class assignments. During my subsequent master in Management Consulting, I gained even more insights in what it takes to become a consulting professional, and especially a strategy consulting professional. This in turn, motivated me to pursue a second master in Strategic Management at the Rotterdam School of Management. I realized which skills (e.g. analytical skills) and associated characteristics (e.g. showing backbone) are required to thrive in a consulting position. After graduation, I have been both deploying and further developing these skills and characteristics in my position as a Strategy Analyst at Accenture Strategy.

Current Position

I help companies realize value by addressing strategic opportunities
Collaboratively defining what value means and helping companies move towards value achievement by means of conducting structured analyses and critical thinking is eventually what matters in my current position. There are several ways how this can be expressed (e.g. business case development or conducting benchmark exercises). Irrespective of what the activities are however, there is always a focus on long-term, robust impact.

Main Motivations

Working on exciting assignments with long-term impact
Since I am a Strategy Analyst, the intention of addressing strategic issues to achieve positive, long term impact for organizations is always a central component. As I am not aligned to a specific industry yet, every project is completely different with a different scope and team members, who constantly challenge each others in order to thrive. It is exactly this combination that I like in my current position.

Top Advice

Go all out and keep your focus to achieve your objectives

Greatest Achievement

I managed to "survive" a project with 2 senior managers and 3 managers
A project usually consists of a senior manager, a manager, and several consultants / analysts. Somehow I was staffed on a project with only (senior) managers. As they were managing their own work streams, they all had different requests to me (e.g. helping to develop the business case, writing out post-its, preparing decks etc.). By working in a pragmatic and structured way however, I managed to meet their expectations and thereby contributing to a successful project.

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