Annick L.
Talent & Organisation In Management Consulting

About Annick

Key Experiences

From studying statregy to management consuling
As an economics and business student I worked in a large supermarket as a teamleader. Here is was responsible for about 150 people.
In addition, I spent 6 weeks in Brazil for a research project.
Starting at the company I took a role in France to support a major system implementation. So far I've had 3 roles for which I needed to travel abroad.

Current Position

I am implementing a talent management vehicle
The focus at my client is to develop people and to incorporate talent management. I am coaching them to take over the vehicle that I developped.
In addition, I am supporting the line of business of HR.

Main Motivations

We really co-create with the client to ensure tailor made solutions
As a consultant you work together with the client to make them better every day.
For my personal development I also like the fact that we have a lot of knowledge and experience to share with each other.
I also have access to a lot of trainings and international opportunities.

Top Advice

Always go for the great fit
It is not only that the employer needs to like you, you also need to like the employee. It is when you both are intrinsicely motivated to make it work, that you both have the perfect position to deliver great performance.

Greatest Achievement

With colleagues we biked 600 km and raised over 32k euro's
The projects that I did so far included some awesome things:
- Managing a change network of +60 people over +60 countries
- Implementation talent management
- Supporting HR and leadership

I also did something prettyamazing: biking 600km in Zambia thereby raising almost 5000 euro's to support the NGO plan to prevent child marriages and ensure education for kids. The fact that this is also possible at my firm is something that I am proud of.

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