“ What is the main challenge of working at Accenture? ”

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Either personal challenges or company challenges
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Hi Romie,

Thanks for your question.

From a personal point of view, one of the main challenges of working at Accenture is to manage to attend all the cool activities (engagement, new topic sessions, trainings, etc). Especially, when on a busy project it is hard to manage both your Accenture agenda with the agenda of our clients.

That is my personal main challenge.

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Hi Romie, completely agree with Dino R. on this one. Within Accenture, especially in the innovation domain there are so many cool topics to focus on. As it was a challenge to me as well - combining my d2d project work with the cool innovative initiatives within Accenture (think about AI, Blockchain and lately Quantum Computing) - I discussed this within our company. And you know what? Although ACN is a big corporate company, we are quite agile with respect to personal career paths! I changed groups within Acecnture and now purely focusing on Innovation Management, within the Innovation Excellence Team of Accenture Emerging Technologies - now I never miss the cool stuff anymore!

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Thank you both, this is very helpful

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