“ Is there any way I can talk to the recruiters for traineeship or graduate jobs in Netherlands? ”

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Strategy Consultant, Accenture

Hi Harvinder, yes of course. I think the person depends on which part of Accenture you are interested in. For strategy it would be Merel Zandstra (merel.zandstra@accenture.com ). Good luck!

Analyst, Accenture


Thanks for your question. If you are looking for a job, you can find the open positions on: www.accenture.com/nl-en/careers/jobsearch.  There you can find the contact info of the recruiters, applicable for that job.

Other than that, there are recruitment events organized throughout the year, where you can talk to people working at Accenture, who can share their experiences.

Hope this answers your question.

Regards, Dino

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