“ What did you learn while doing your traineeship in India that helped you at Accenture? ”

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Hi Emily! Apart from the amazing experience of living in India for six months, my time in India has been very valuable for my career within Accenture. Within Accenture Technology, we work together with our colleagues in India quite a lot. Being part of one of the technical project teams in India has drastically increased my skills of the Technology I was working on. However, I think the real value of the time abroad has been really understanding the culture (or maybe even more: the cultural differences), and the ways of working of our teams in India. This is something you can't really learn any other way but by being there.

All in all, it's a great experience, both professionally and personally, that I would recommend to anyone to kick-start their career in Technology,

Emily T.

This is really interesting, thank you! I have just begun working in Technology myself and I think travelling and picking up new skills abroad would be a great idea. It's good to know that it has helped you so much.

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