“ What personal qualities do you think would best fit with the company culture at Accenture? ”

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Analyst, Accenture

Hi Helen, thanks for your question!

I would say that the following qualities are very important:
- 'open minded' since Accenture has a strong focus on innovation.
- 'team player' since having more than 425.000 colleagues world wide, means a lot of knowledge sharing and collaboration.
- 'dedicated' because commitment is very important to create value at our clients.

I hope this answers your question, but of course feel free to ask me if anything is unclear!

Helen B.

Thanks for the insight!

Strategy Consultant, Accenture

Hi Helen,
To add to Dino, I would say: result-focused, as being able to deliver results is very important to our success.
Hope it helps!

Associate Manager, Accenture

Very much agree with Dino and Mieke! I think dedicated and result-focused go hand in hand here. Being dedicated, result-focused, and also ambitious, are important characteristics for the fit with Accenture. The clients come to Accenture for high quality, and a reliable business partner to help them achieve results (High Performance.), and we are dedicated to give them the best possible service and solutions (Delivered.)

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