“ Hi Youri, how is the culture at Accenture? ”

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to Youri D. Innovation Consultant, Accenture

Innovation Consultant, Accenture

Hello, in my perception it is a culture in which people are respected based on their knowledge, experiences, capabilities and above all personality. Yes, indeed, High Performance, and delivery are key, and therefore expectation management is fundamental. Pioneering and innovative ways of driving business are highly encouraged and will be rewarded. I love work atmosphere- having a lot of freedom around when and how to work, but I also feel supported due the human capital (knowledge, experiences and capabilities within the firm).

In the end your are responsible for your own agenda and assignments - if you are able to manage that, with all the tools that are available, you will have a great time.

I hope that answers your question!

Jim A.

Yes, thanks!!

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